Misha Friedman was born in Moldova in 1977, and graduated with degrees from Binghamton University and London School of Economics, where he studied economics and Russian politics. He worked in finance in New York, and after 9/11 switched careers to volunteer as a project manager at Medecins Sans Frontiers while teaching himself photography. Since 2010, photography has become his profession. He was associated with Cosmos Photo Agency 2011 - 2018, and is now represented by Getty Images. 

Misha regularly collaborates with leading international media and non-profit organizations. His widely-exhibited work has received numerous industry awards, including multiple grants from the Pulitzer Center. He has four monographs; his most recent book Never Remember is co-authored with Masha Gessen. His next book Two Women in Their Time will be published by The New Press in 2020. Misha lives in New York City.


Photo Brigade - 2018

University of Chicago - 2018

Roads & Kingdoms - 2015

The Lancet - 2014

New York Times - 2012

Contact:   +1.347.313.3349

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